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PDF Candy: О проекте

PDF Candy: 47 online PDF tools. For everyone!

Since 2016 PDF Candy provides users all over the world with free online and offline tools for working with PDF files (converting, splitting, merging, rotating, etc ). PDF Candy is created by Icecream Apps team, which means proven reliability and high quality for processing PDF files. We used our desktop products' most valueable features to create this unique toolset and provide you with the best experience currently available online.

All tools are very easy-to-use. You can always upload files from Dropbox, Google Drive or simply by drag and dropping them into the 'viewer' zone. Each tool can be added to 'Favorites' for faster access from the homepage of the PDF Candy website. Watch full video review of PDF Candy:

You can learn more about the provided services here:
Hope you really enjoy using PDF Candy! Don't forget to like and share tools on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.

And of course, we'll be glad if you leave your feedback - feel free to contact us anytime.