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Add Header and Footer to PDF

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Edit a PDF file by adding a header and footer in seconds

or drag & drop

Add header and footer to PDF on the go

Insert header and footer free of charge using any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. Meaning that as long as you have a solid Internet connection, you can easily edit any PDF.

Layout preserved

At PDF Candy we guarantee that you will never have to compromise anything when you add header and footer to PDF. As part of our policy, we ensure that the formatting of the original document is kept untouched.

Easy-to-use PDF header and footer editor

Having all of these handy tools just one click away, and an intuitive and incredibly convenient interface removes all the stress from the process.

Share with others in seconds

After you’ve figured out how to change header and footer in PDF, you can easily share the results instantly with friends or colleagues. Simply press the three dots or click the link icon to create a QR code or URL. The file will remain downloadable for up to 7 days.

Files are deleted automatically

Privacy and security are a top priority, which is why no documents you convert or edit on our site will be stored for any longer than 2 hours. Besides, they will never be shared with external third parties.

More tools in one place

Outside of being able to add header and footer to PDF online, our platform also offers  47 other incredibly useful tools you can utilize. Rearrange PDF pages, add watermarks, merge PDF files, delete pages, or even password protect everything.
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How to add header and footer to PDF:

1Drag & drop the PDF file to the browser. Upload a document from the computer using the “Add File” button or from Google Drive or Dropbox.
2Add text for the header and footer, then customize advanced settings like the text color and positioning.
3Click on “Apply Changes” to proceed.
4Hit “Download file” to save the document to your device, or share the edited PDF file with others via URL, QR code or upload back to cloud storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I add header and footer to my documents?
Having a header and footer on your PDF file can help include necessary information on every page, i.e. company or project name. If you still want to protect the copyrights of the PDF, use our “Add Watermark” tool.
Will I be able to password protect my PDF file after I’ve edited it?
Yes, you will. Apply header and footer to file, and click on “Protect PDF” tool on download page to password protect your document and ensure the maximum security of personal or sensitive information.

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