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PDF to Word Converter

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Convert your PDF to an editable Word document in a single click

or drag & drop

PDF to Word in a blink

Simply drag and drop a file to convert PDF to Word. Once uploaded, the conversion of the PDF document to Microsoft Word format will start right away.

SSL encryption

Transfer protocols used by this PDF to DOCX and DOC converter ensure a secure conversion. Once you've reached our site, you can be certain that data and files are safe and remain confidential.

Convert PDF to Word online

You don't need to google how to change PDF to Word on Mac, Windows, or else if you use our intuitive PDF converter. Just connect to the Internet on any device and OS and have your files converted in a browser.

Layout untouched

The structure of your PDF remains as in the original text document. If you need to edit agreements, CV, portfolio or other important PDF files, be sure the layout in output docs won't be changed after converting PDF to Word.

In-cloud document processing

Not only is our PDF to Word converter user-friendly but also outstandingly fast. Thanks to our cloud-based servers, we are able to provide you with the resulting Word file in a matter of seconds.

Convert bigger PDF files

When trying to find out how to convert PDF to Word you usually see that most services allow uploading files no larger than 15 MB in total. Use our PDF to Word converter to turn larger PDF files to Word free of charge.
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How to convert PDF to Word document?

1Drag & drop a PDF into the converter or upload it from cloud services.
2Wait a few seconds for the PDF to Word conversion to be completed. Larger files may require more time.
3Download your new Word (DOCX) file, or share it.

FAQ: Convert PDF to Word

Is scanned PDF processing supported?
Yes, the OCR technology is automatically applied in PDF to Word converter for text recognition and further editing.
Can I edit PDF text without converting PDF to Word and back?
Yes, use the free PDF editor to save your time and edit the original document.

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