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Extract pages from PDF with an online PDF splitter in one of 4 modes

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Split PDF the way you need

The service has multiple splitting solutions (read more in the section below). Whether you need to split PDF into single-page files, delete PDF pages, merge specific PDF pages, or separate PDF in page ranges, we got you.

Secure PDF splitter

Our PDF separator preserves the privacy of your documents. They are never shared with any third party and get automatically deleted from all our servers 2 hours after splitting PDF.

Download pages separately

Find the thumbnails of each created document after splitting and save only those you actually need. You can always download an archive with all the split PDF documents or share files by URL.

Free PDF splitter

Split PDF pages free of charge with our service. There's no commitment or ads for our online solution – process your docs in any browser right away.

Split PDF in no time

Our cloud-based servers allow us to process your documents faster than the vast majority of other PDF splitters. Boost your productivity with PDF Candy.

Upload to cloud storage

Apart from simply downloading split PDF files to your device or sharing them with a QR code, or a link, you can upload files on Google Drive and Dropbox, too.
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Split PDF in 4 modes:

1“Split PDF into single-page files”. All the selected pages of the uploaded document will be extracted into stand-alone PDF documents - one page of the input file per file.
2“Split PDF by page ranges”. Each page range (interval must be set in the input field with a hyphen, i.e., 9-15) will be extracted as a separate PDF file.
3“Merge selected pages”. All the selected pages will be merged into a single output PDF doc.
4“Delete selected pages”. Selected pages and page intervals will be removed from the original PDF.

Frequently Asked Questions - Split PDF

How do I select several pages in a row for splitting?
To check a group of pages for splitting PDF, you can use a hyphen in the input field, i.e. 2-6. Alternatively, use the “Select all pages'' option. You can also select and deselect pages with a click on the relevant thumbnails.
Is there a way to combine content after I separate PDF pages?
Yes, select the "Merge selected pages" mode during splitting PDF files. Or you can use our PDF combiner to add other PDFs and images.
Is there a page limit for uploaded PDF?
No, you can split PDF without page limitations. Thumbnails preview, select and deselect pages with mouse clicks are only available for documents up to 200 pages long, though.
Are there any restrictions on file size when using the Split PDF tool?
PDF splitter's upload limit is 100 MB. If your document exceeds this size, please consider compressing the file.
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