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Convert DOCX documents to PDF format online

How to convert DOCX to PDF

It's really simple to use this tool to convert DOCX to PDF. Just upload a file from your computer (by means of “Add file(s)” green button or by dragging and dropping the file) or from your Google Drive or Dropbox accounts and the conversion will start automatically right after. Press the “Download file” button after the conversion is complete to download the output PDF file.

No watermark

You can completely rely on this online DOCX to PDF converter by PDF Candy as all your input DOCX documents remain safe and unaltered. This free service converts the files to PDF as-is and it doesn't add any watermark to the uploaded files.

Quick and easy

Use our free service to convert your DOCX document to PDF within just 2 mouse clicks. Upload the file and save the new PDF document once the conversion is complete.