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How to Save Certain Pages of a PDF
How to Save Certain Pages of a PDF

How to Save Certain Pages of a PDF

by Alexa Davis
Mar 21, 2023

Digital PDF documents sometimes may be quite difficult to process. For example, to know how to save certain pages of a PDF you would need to get familiar with a PDF editor. The same applies when you need to learn how to save one page of a PDF file. This article offers a brief instruction on how to split PDF and create new documents containing only the required pages.

How to save certain pages of a PDF: step-by-step-guide

  1. Open PDF Splitter in any browser and upload the file you want to extract PDF pages from.
  2. Next, in the page-by-page preview select and save individual pages of a PDF. You can either click the thumbnails or type in the page numbers. For convenience, each thumbnail can be enlarged and viewed. Select and deselect all pages at once if needed.
  3. Now click the "Split PDF" button and then save the resulting file or files one by one. Alternatively, download the archive with all the extracted pages.

How to save only certain pages of a PDF

Who will benefit from using the online PDF splitter?

  • Business executives. With online PDF splitting service you can amend employment contracts or make changes in job descriptions by extracting outdated separate pages of PDF. This will become an easy task that helps in few minutes close a big trade with business partners. After completing the adjustments, you can even sign your PDF document with the same online editor.
  • Accountants. The utility allows to save certain pages of a PDF file with important information that needs to be processed. Thus, you can save specific PDF pages with relevant records in the annual report or statistics on the economic activities of the company. Afterwards, you can carry on working with just these pages rather than the whole document. In case you wish to share an Excel table while saving the properties, you can convert Excel to PDF.
  • Journalists and editors. A necessity to split PDF pages may raise when referencing materials for articles. Therefore, it is essential for these professionals to be able to save individual pages of a PDF. There is also an option to edit the existing text of a PDF if the published article requires updates.
  • Account managers. Often, clients of digital agencies provide data about themselves in a form of a PDF. Consequently, specialists could need to transfer specific details to other departments requiring saving separate pages of PDF that need to be shared. In addition, they may also receive scanned documents that require an ability to recognize text in PDF.
  • Bloggers and SMM managers. Various sources could publish content on their websites in a PDF format. To continue sharing the information, professionals may want to extract PDF pages of a file. In addition, social media users are more attracted to images and not the plain text. Hence, bloggers and SMM managers look for tool to extract pictures from a PDF to use on their accounts.

Pros of using an online PDF splitter

  • You can adjust settings of whether to extract PDF pages into single-page files, split by page ranges, merge or delete selected pages.
  • All you need to utilize the service is a device with internet connection, regardless of its technical characteristics.
  • You are able to share the file via a link directly after you finish splitting PDFs. This helps to reduce the time spent and save hard drive storage.
  • Supplementary tools of the platform are helpful when completing several different tasks with PDF format.

How to save certain pages of a PDF: Conclusion

Now you know how to extract pages from a PDF with the online PDF splitter. PDF Candy website offers useful instruments to perfect your document and meets the needs of both beginners and professional users. If further PDF editing is required, there is no need to install any specialized software on your computer making working with PDFs more efficient.

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