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PDF Editor

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Edit PDF documents for free with powerful yet simple online PDF editor

or drag & drop

Edit PDF text

Yes, our PDF editor is capable of changing existing text in your documents. The tool is activated by default. So search no more: upload PDF and start editing!

Secure PDF editor

Users' privacy is our number one priority. Your data won't ever be shared with third parties and stored for longer than 2 hours. Edit PDF files safely.

Add text and images

Edit PDF files with a feature-rich toolbar. Add images by URL or from your device to PDF documents, add text to the PDF with a “Text tool”, and do much more with our free PDF editor.

Sign PDF documents

Put a custom signature on PDF documents. Draw your signature, add an image of it, or type your name and surname to generate it.

Increase productivity

You only need the Internet connection to access this PDF editor in a browser. No extra software or extensions installation or any ads. Just open our website on any device and any OS, and there you go.

Variety of tools to modify PDF

Edit PDF files in various ways: mark text in a PDF with “Highlight”, “Underline”, and “Strikeout” toolkit, draw freehand and insert lines and arrows, use white out, add images, and more.
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How to edit a PDF online?

1Upload a PDF document from your device or cloud storage (Google Drive/Dropbox).
2Scroll through pages using the navigation panel of the PDF editor.
3Edit PDF using tools in the relevant menu. Undo/redo functions are available.
4Sign PDF if needed.
5Press the “Export file” button when you are ready to save changes.
6Download the edited PDF.

PDF Editor FAQs

Is there a limit on the number of pages?
You can upload and edit PDF documents with any page number.
Can I hide some content of the document with the PDF editor?
Yes, try the “Whiteout” tool for this or draw a rectangle with a fill color the same as the document's background.
Does the online PDF editor delete my files after I finish?
Yes, your input files will be automatically deleted after 2 hours.
Can I share the document after I edit PDF?
Yes. You can share a link to a download page. It will be available for 2 hours. Click the “Share” button on the download page to store it longer. Also, you can use a QR code to download documents directly to your phone.
Is it possible to use the PDF editor as a PDF viewer?
Sure, our tool has the page navigator and zoom functions. View and edit PDFs at the same time.
Is a watermark added to my files?
No, free PDF editor does not distort the original file.
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