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How to edit PDF metadata

There's no need to install anything on your computer, smartphone or tablet or check how to edit PDF metadata specifically on Windows or Mac OS. Our PDF toolkit is accessible on any device and on any operating system.

SSL Encryption

When you change PDF metadata you have to be sure that your data is secure. The privacy of your documents is our priority. That's why SSL security protocol is used to additionally protect the files' content.

Hassle-free solution

Not only can you edit, but also remove metadata from PDF. Our service is a simple and fast solution for this! It is easy to use, requires no registration, has no ads, and offers quick file creation, and security of the uploaded documents' data.

The best PDF metadata editor

Modify such PDF metadata values as Author, Title, Subject, Keywords, Created on, and Modified on dates. You can use the website to edit PDF properties in no time.

How it works

Intuitively, easily, and smoothly. Upload your file, check the metadata it has at the moment, enter new values – and that's it. Please read more about it below.

Continuous PDF editing

Apply other edits to the file right after changing your PDF metadata. Split PDF, edit PDF, password protect or watermark file, and more with all the 47 PDF Candy tools.
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How to edit PDF metadata online?

1Upload a PDF by clicking "+Add file" or dragging and dropping it. Google Drive and Dropbox integration is supported, so you can upload documents from these services, too.
2Whether you need to remove metadata from PDF or edit PDF metadata, please alter the corresponding values in the relevant fields.
3Click the "Apply changes" button in the PDF metadata editor.
4Download your output PDF or create a shareable permalink (valid for 7 days).

FAQ: Edit PDF Metadata

Can I modify or remove metadata from PDF on a smartphone?
The PDF metadata editor works on Android and iOS mobile devices and tablets as long as they have an internet connection available.
How do I edit the content of a PDF besides the meta data?
Use our PDF editor to edit existing document text and more.
How can I share files after I change my PDF metadata?
You can share the file by URL or QR code. Or simply download it to your device and send by email.

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