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Fast and simple HTML to PDF converter

or drag & drop

Intuitive tool

How to save HTML as PDF with ease? User-friendly interface of the tool will help you to unlock the full potential of your HTML or HTM document.

Cloud-processed conversion

Our HTML to PDF converter will do the task in the shortest time as all the operations are effectively processed by our cloud servers.

One-click is all it takes

See the red button in the center? That’s all. No long instructions, convert HTML to PDF by uploading the file in any convenient way: from your device or from Google Drive or Dropbox.

Turn HTML to PDF and edit it

With PDF Candy working with documents is a great pleasure. Further, edit the output PDF as you wish: compress, edit, merge, and many more PDF tools to choose from. Convert HTML to PDF and give it a second life.

Secure HTML converter

HyperText Markup Language files might contain sensitive information. Don’t worry, we never keep or share the documents with third parties, so that the conversion process remains safe for all our users.

Change HTML and HTM to PDF offline

If you are a Windows OS user, great news for you. Download PDF Candy Desktop for Windows and work with documents without an Internet connection. Such perks as bulk conversion and merging files of various input formats are at your service.
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How to convert HTML to PDF?

1Upload the HTML or HTM from your computer or use Google Drive/Dropbox. Another option is to drag & drop a document.
2HTML to PDF converter will start the process automatically.
3Once done, you can download the output file, share it (Google Drive/Dropbox, URL link, or QR code), or proceed with further editing.

HTML to PDF Converter - FAQ

How to convert HTML to PDF on Mac?
We let you work from any device and OS. Be it Windows, macOS, Android, or iPhone, the HTML converter does the job quickly and safely. Use Safari or any other browser of your choice on your Mac device to access our online converter.
Will the structure be preserved?
Yes, of course. We value your work, so you can save HTML as PDF with your layout as it is in the original file.

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