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FB2 to PDF

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Convert FB2 to PDF in two clicks without format loosing

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Free FB2 to PDF converter

Convert FB2 to PDF - no strings attached. We don’t ask for your credit card number to initiate the process, because our tool is cost-free. Add an ebook and we’ll do the rest.

Cross-platform & cross-device

This FB2 to PDF converter can be used on any OS: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, or Linux. Convert ebook to PDF on the go using your Android or Apple smartphones, PCs or tablets.

Easy electronic book to PDF conversion

All our tools have an intuitive interface and require just a couple of mouse clicks from you. Convert FB2 to PDF hassle-free with the simplest GUI.

Instant sharing

Need to send the output files somewhere? Once converted, use a URL link or a QR code to further distribute the resulting docs. Or upload them to Google Drive or Dropbox.

FB2 to PDF with layout untouched

It can be annoying when the formatting of an ebook is distorted. With this FB2 converter, the file layout is carefully preserved and you can enjoy the book converted to the PDF format.

Custom settings

Be in control over the output PDF documents. Manage the page and margin sizes, as per your needs. Choose the right parameters and turn FB2 to PDF according to these settings.
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How to convert FB2 to PDF?

1Click “Add file” or drag and drop it into the browser. You can also upload files from your Google Drive or Dropbox account.
2Pick the values for the margins (Big, Small or No margins) and the page format (A4, A3, A5, US Letter) for the output document.
3Click the “Convert to PDF” button to complete FB2 to PDF conversion.
4Get the output PDF file. You can download or share it via the link.

FAQ - FB2 to PDF

Can I upload more than 1 FB2 file?
Yes, you can use our offline PDF Candy Desktop for batch processing of different documents.
Will my created document be watermarked?
No, we never watermark your files during the FB2 to PDF conversion process.

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