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How to Convert JPG to PDF Online
How to Convert JPG to PDF Online

How to Convert JPG to PDF Online

by Alexa Davis
Jul 20, 2023

JPG is the format commonly used for storing images on phones, and computers, and sharing them on the web. When you are in a hurry and need a JPG image in an editable PDF format, being able to convert JPG to PDF online is your best option.

With an online image-to-PDF converter, you will be able to change the file type right in the browser of your smartphone! In this article, we listed 4 best web-based platforms to convert an image to PDF in just a few clicks.

1. How to convert JPG to PDF online with PDF Candy

This web service offers a straightforward and easy-to-use free online JPG to PDF converter. This platform performs equally well on desktop computers, laptops, and phones of all brands and models. A single PDF file is easier to work with than a bulk of images. Plus, a collection of images in PDF looks more professional than just an archive with photos.

Check out below the steps to turn an image into a PDF using this website:

  1. Open the online JPG to PDF converter in your browser.
  2. Drag and drop image(s) or upload them by clicking "+Add file(s)". Upload from Google Drive and Dropbox is supported as well.
  3. Adjust the page size, orientation, and margins to the desired parameters.
  4. Hit the "Convert file(s)" button to change your JPG or JPEG pictures to PDF format.
  5. Download the new PDF document or share it via a link or QR code.

How to convert JPG to PDF online

You can easily combine multiple images into one PDF document. The zoom mode will help you to check your PDF pages before initiating the JPG to PDF conversion.

Options to customize the page settings include page size - original, A4, or US Letter, orientation - auto, portrait, or landscape, and margins size - small, big, or no margins.

If you need to add more JPG files, hit the "+" button. For multiple image conversion, move the files with the mouse to place them in the desired order. You can also sort them from A-Z or Z-A.


  • Ability to convert JPG to PDF online for free
  • Sharable link or QR code will expire after 7 days to ensure your files are secure. However, the link can be deleted manually at any time.
  • Can work on any device - Androids and iPhones (Pro, ProMax, Plus, Mini, SE), Windows (7, 10, and other), and Mac (iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro);
  • Can be accessed with any browser - Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and more;
  • Not limited to JPG and JPEG images, offers other image formats to PDF converters (BMP to PDF, TIFF to PDF, and more).
  • Supports uploading documents from and to Google Drive and Dropbox;
  • Processed files are stored on the server for 2 hours;
  • Great to convert multiple JPG files to one PDF;
  • No watermark is added to the resulting files;
  • The website provides 46 additional instruments to work with PDF files.

Apart from the tool to convert a picture to PDF, there are other features, such as extracting images or text from a PDF. Plus, you can add a watermark to PDF to protect the copyrights of your photos. Explore the PDF Candy toolkit and make your work with files in this format effortless and fun.

2. How to Convert JPG to PDF Online with SmallPDF

This is yet another web platform that helps to ease working with PDFs as much as possible. One of their features is an online JPG to PDF converter that can be utilized on a computer or phone.

Below is the guide on how to convert a picture to PDF with this method:

  1. Open the website. Locate the "Tools" drop-down menu and pick the "JPG to PDF" instrument.
  2. With the "Choose files" button upload the files to the image to PDF converter.
  3. Once the files are uploaded, you can move pictures to the desired order, and change the page size and orientation.
  4. To upload additional pictures, hit the "+ Add Files" button and select more.
  5. Once ready, proceed to convert JPG to PDF with the "Convert" button in the top right corner of the browser.

Turn an image into PDF

On the download page, you will be given the option to continue to manipulate the created PDF. For instance, you may choose to compress PDF for faster processing when sharing.


  • Free online tool to combine images into a PDF file;
  • Simple and ad-free interface.


  • Setting margins when you turn JPG into PDF requires the PRO account;
  • Processed files are not stored, so you will lose your result if accidentally close the browser;

3. How to convert JPG to PDF online with JPG2PDF

Converting a JPG file to a PDF document can be done easily and quickly with a specialized website. As it follows from the name of the website, it can be used to turn JPG into PDF with minimal effort.

Here is what you need to do to use this free online JPG to PDF converter:

  1. Visit the website and click the "Upload files" button.
  2. Choose the desired images from your device. Wait until the files are uploaded.
  3. If you have mistakenly placed some pictures that you do not want to convert from JPG to PDF, hit the cross icon at the top right corner of the file. To delete all the uploaded files, hit "Clear queue".
  4. To download your newly created PDFs one by one, click "Download" under each file.
  5. To merge the images into one PDF, hit the "Combined" button. Before that, you can move the images around to set the desired order.

Free JPG to PDF converter

Although the website itself does not have additional features, the links about the working area will lead you to other web-based services to work with PDFs. For example, to convert PNG to PDF, compress, crop PDF, and a few more options.


  • Tool to convert an image to PDF online and for free;
  • Easy to remember the name of the website.
  • Suitable to turn images into PDFs individually or in bulk.


  • Advertisements around the online JPG to PDF converter;
  • Uploading may take long even for small files.

4. How to Convert JPG to PDF Online with FreePDFconvert

This website allows various conversion operations from and to PDF. One of them is converting JPG to PDF. The platform can be used as a quick way to convert a picture to PDF.

See below how to turn images into PDFs with this approach:

  1. Go to the service's main page. In the "Tool" menu pick the "JPG to PDF" option.
  2. After clicking the "Choose Image file" button, select the pictures you want to convert from JPG to PDF.
  3. Zoom in and out to preview the pictures before converting. Delete the extra ones or add more with the "+" button.
  4. Whenever ready, hit "Create PDF" to combine images into one PDF.
  5. Download the resulting file on the new page.

Turn a JPG into a PDF

Within this online JPG to PDF converter, you can also rotate PDF pages. However, it can only be done to each page individually as there is no batch processing available.


  • Even though JPG to PDF is the only listed image format to convert, able to turn other image types into PDF.
  • Provides the ability to convert multiple JPG images to one PDF.


  • Converting JPG to PDF for free can be done once per hour.
  • No settings are available for customization, such as resulting file, orientation, or margins;
  • Cannot change the order of the images once they are uploaded to the website;
  • Creating separate PDF files out of each image is possible, but requires PRO access.

Conclusion on Converting Images to PDF Online

Today we showed you 4 ways how to convert JPG to PDF online and for free. By following the outlined steps, you can quickly and easily convert any image file to a PDF format. Some of the mentioned free JPG to PDF converters offer to turn multiple images into one PDF. Others offer to convert each picture to PDF individually.

Review the pros and cons of each described image to PDF converter and pick the one that fits your need the most!

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