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How to Convert PNG to PDF Online
How to Convert PNG to PDF Online

How to Convert PNG to PDF Online

by Alexa Davis
Jun 13, 2024

Converting PNG to PDF online opens up a world of possibilities for professionals, students, and creatives alike.

Gone are the days of cumbersome PDF software installations or complex procedures. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly merge multiple images into a single PDF document, ensuring clarity, accessibility, and easy sharing.

In this article, we'll show you how to turn PNG into PDF using online tools. We'll give you clear instructions for each method, and cover why it's useful.

PDF Candy

PDF Candy is a versatile online PDF service that offers a range of features for working with PDF files. From converting various formats, splitting and merging PDFs, to adding watermarks and passwords for security, the platform simplifies document management tasks.

How to save PNG as PDF in your browser:

  1. Go to the free online PNG to PDF converter.
  2. Either click "+Add file(s)" or simply drag and drop your PNGs onto the webpage. Alternatively, you can upload pictures directly from your Google Drive or Dropbox.
  3. Select your preferred page size (Original, A4, US Letter) and margin width (Big margin, Small margin, No margin).
  4. If you've chosen the A4 or US Letter option, specify the orientation (Portrait or Landscape).
  5. Once you've configured the settings, press "Convert file(s)" to start the process. When it's finished, hit "Download File" to retrieve your PDF.

How to convert image to PDF online


  • Online PDF converter offers an intuitive interface for a user-friendly experience.
  • Compatible with all devices, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Uploaded documents are automatically deleted after 2 hours for enhanced privacy.
  • Resulting PDFs can be shared conveniently via a URL link or QR code.
  • High-quality PDF outputs regardless of the number of images consolidated into one file.
  • Capable of processing up to 100 photos simultaneously, ensuring efficiency.

PDF24 Tools

PDF24 Tools is a platform offering a wide array of utilities for working with digital documents. It provides online instruments for converting PDF files to and from various formats, editing files by adding text, pictures, and annotations, compressing, and protecting PDFs with watermarks, or passwords.

How to change PNG to PDF:

  1. Visit the website using your browser.
  2. Click the "Choose File" button to upload the PNG you want to convert.
  3. Adjust settings such as page size, margins, and bookmarks.
  4. Press "Convert" to initiate the process. Tap the download link to save the PDF to your device.

Merge PNG to PDF


  • Provides a wide range of other PDF-related functionalities.
  • The images to PDF tool is available for free.


  • Can be slow at times, especially when processing large files online.


SmallPDF enables individuals to merge multiple files into a single document or split large documents into smaller files. The platform offers tools for compressing PDFs online to reduce their size without sacrificing quality, as well as adding passwords and encryption for security purposes.

How to merge PNG files to PDF online:

  1. Open your browser and go to the website.
  2. Press the "Choose File" button to add the PNG.
  3. Customize these settings according to your preferences.
  4. Click "Convert" to turn PNGs into PDF. Download the resulting file.

Change PNG to PDF


  • Features a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to navigate.
  • Integrates with popular cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox, and has a Google Chrome extension.


  • PNG to PDF converter restricts free users to a maximum of 2 conversions per day.
  • Free version gives limited access to the full range of tools and functionalities.

Why convert PNG to PDF?

  • Compatibility. PDF is widely supported across different devices, operating systems, and software applications. Converting PNG to PDF ensures consistency when sharing or viewing documents.
  • Preservation of Quality. PDF files maintain the quality and resolution of the original pictures, ensuring that details and colors are preserved accurately.
  • Reduced File Size. PDF files typically have smaller sizes compared to PNG, especially when several images are consolidated into one document.
  • Control. PDF files offer various security options, such as password protection and encryption, which can help prevent unauthorized access or modification of documents.
  • Organization. PDF documents allow for easy presentation of content, with features like bookmarks, hyperlinks, and annotations.
  • Text Recognition. Some PDF conversion tools offer Optical Character Recognition capabilities, allowing users to extract text from PNGs and make it searchable and editable within the document.


Can I convert multiple PNGs to a single document?

Yes, many online converters allow you to combine several PNG files to one PDF.

Can I edit the converted PDF after conversion?

Depending on the online converter used, you may have the option to edit the output file. PDF Candy offers additional functionalities for editing, annotating, or adding text to the document.

Can I convert PDFs back to PNG if needed?

Yes, many platforms offer the ability to turn PDFs back into PNG or other image formats. This can be useful if you need to extract images from a document.


In conclusion, converting PNG to PDF online is a convenient and efficient solution for various document management needs.

Whether you're looking to preserve image quality, reduce file size, or enhance security, online converters provide a user-friendly platform accessible from any device with an internet connection.

What else you can do with the new PDF?

Now that you learned how to convert PNG to PDF online, you can further edit the newly created file.

  • If your PNG to PDF conversion involves sensitive images meant for private use, you can secure your document by adding password protection.
  • Should the resulting PDF file be too large for sending or sharing purposes, you can compress it immediately to reduce its size.
  • If you notice any errors in the page order of your PDF, you can rearrange the pages to correct the sequence.
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