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Paperless Office: Become Environmentally Conscious
Paperless Office: Become Environmentally Conscious

Paperless Office: Become Environmentally Conscious

by Alexa Davis
Apr 20, 2023

Nowadays people are much more environmentally conscious. Creating a paperless office is a great eco friendly strategy that benefits both people and the planet. Think about how many pieces of paper are in your office. Do you really need them all? Are there better ways of storing all of the information that they hold? On many occasions, paper just sits around waiting for someone to deal with it – whether that’s by shredding it or filing it away. Well, it’s time to be more environmentally friendly and ditch it altogether.

Go Paperless at Work

If you decide to go paper-free, it doesn’t mean you have no paper in your life. For a start, you can’t do away with your degree certificates, birth certificates, and marriage certificate, for example. But, by being more environmentally conscious you can decide not to keep hold of paper that you don’t need. Instead, scan whatever you want to keep and store it digitally instead of printing. There are so many ways to go paperless and it’s easier than you think.

While going paper-free is pretty easy once you’ve decided what you’re doing. The most difficult part of it is not to let paper take over your life again.

Also, start working with documents online. For example, use an online PDF editor instead of printing out the file and editing it with a pen on paper.

Getting started with a paperless office

First things first, you need to forget about the paper you’ve already got sitting around. It would be a huge undertaking to scan everything that already exists. It would certainly put you off going paperless before you’ve even got going with it.

Decide that anything coming into your office from now on will be digital. That way, you can start as you mean to go on, and eventually all of the paper will disappear (provided you don’t hold on to things that you really don’t need for five years).

Use technology to help you go paperless

The good thing about going paperless these days is that there are so many apps and software platforms out there that can help you to do it. Let’s take a look at some of the things you might need to use:

E-signing tools

If you’ve never signed anything digitally, you’re about to be surprised. Whatever the nature of your work, being able to sign something electronically not only saves paper, but it saves time, too. Especially if otherwise you’d have to travel with or post documentation to get signatures. One such e-signature tool you can use in your paperless workspace is Sign PDF tool. This is a hassle-free way of signing online documents.

To use Sign PDF, all you need to do is upload a file, select the type of signature you want, and prepare it. You can add the signature to the PDF wherever you want. Then, simply export the file and it’s all done.

This tool has three types of electronic signature to choose from. You can choose an image, a drawing, or text. The image option implies uploading a picture of your signature to the file, the drawing option means you physically draw your signature on the page with your touchscreen, mouse, or a touchpad. Finally, the text option suggests typing your signature.

Tools for adding a watermark

There are many instances where you would like to add a watermark. Add Watermark tool allows you to add a watermark to PDF in two different ways, either a text or an image. This paperless tool is so simple to use and means you can protect any documents digitally.

Compress PDF for the best results

If you choose to work with digital PDF documents, you will sooner or later have to shrink them in size. You can also compress PDF online and even merge multiple files before compression for best results.

How to go paperless: final thoughts

Going paperless is much easier these days than it used to be even five years ago. Once you’ve decided to do it and got some software ready to help you, you’ll find it so straightforward. The hardest thing is to not let paper into the paperless office again. Good luck!

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