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Top 5 Free PDF Unlockers
Top 5 Free PDF Unlockers

Top 5 Free PDF Unlockers

by Alexa Davis
Jan 17, 2024

Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you needed to remove password protection from encrypted PDF documents but didn't remember the combination you've set? That happens to many of us.

This article will describe 5 free PDF unlockers that you can use for obtaining access to and using locked or restricted PDFs. If you ever find yourself in need of such a tool, then knowing how to remove a password from a PDF might be beneficial for you.

1. PDF Candy

This free web-based platform can help you when you have forgotten or lost the password to a PDF file. Without the password, it is unfeasible to open and read the file. However, with the right instrument, you will be able to open a password-protected PDF in just a few simple steps.

Here is how:

  1. Open the free PDF password remover in any browser on your computer or phone.
  2. Click "+ Add File(s)" and select the locked PDF you want to decrypt from your device.
  3. Once the file is uploaded, hit the "Unlock PDF" button. The processing will initiate without delay.
  4. Click "Download File" to save your unlocked document to your device or upload it to the cloud storage.

Remove PDF password with PDF Candy


  • Accessibility. The PDF password remover is available for free.
  • Compatibility. The service works equally well on Android phones, iPhone Max, ProMax, Plus, etc; Windows PCs, iMacs, and MacBooks.
  • Convenience. The platform is supported by all major browsers - Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, and others.
  • Functionality. Additional instruments are available for further adjustments of your file: edit your PDF, delete extra PDF pages, and 45 additional instruments for modifying your file.
  • Space-saving. No need to download and install any special software to use the PDF unlocker, so no device storage is occupied.
  • Speed. File processing takes just a few moments, so you lose time when working on time-sensitive tasks.
  • Cloud service integration. You can upload your files into the unlocker right from your Google Drive or Dropbox storage.
  • Sharing options. To share your file with others, create a link or a QR code.

As you can see, removing a password from PDFs with PDF Candy is straightforward, no matter what your computer skill level is. This is an efficient way to unlock your PDF for free in just moments without sacrificing quality or data integrity.

2. SmallPDF

Sometimes, PDF files become corrupted or damaged due to various reasons and the password you've set would not work. This can make it difficult or even impossible to open the file normally. A PDF password remover can aid you in extracting the information of the file, despite any security measures that could be in effect.

Here is how to unlock a password-protected PDF with this online platform:

  1. Go to the website's tool to remove PDF protection.
  2. Click the "Choose File" button to upload the PDF that you want to unlock.
  3. Confirm that you are trying to open a password-protected PDF that you are legally authorized to edit.
  4. Once confirmed, hit "Unlock PDF".
  5. If the service is able to unlock your file, you will be prompted to download your unlocked PDF by clicking the corresponding icon.

How to remove password from PDF with SmallPDF

Unfortunately, not all PDFs can be decrypted as many software and services use strong encryption protocols. In case it does not work, the website will offer you a chance to try remembering your password to unlock the PDF.

If your attempt is successful, you can carry on working on your newly unlocked PDF: rearrange PDF pages, sign your PDF document, and more.

3. PDF2Go

If you no longer need your file to be encrypted, you can remove password protection from the PDF with this free PDF unlocker. After doing it, you will be able to share your unlocked file without the need to provide a password to those you send it to.

Below is the guide on how to unlock a PDF on this website:

  1. Open the main page in your browser.
  2. Click the "Choose File" button and upload the PDF you want to unlock.
  3. Now you need to enter the file password and hit "Submit".
  4. Once decrypting is completed, click "Download" to store the unlocked file on your computer.

Remove password from PDF with PDF2Go

Keep in mind that this option will only work if you remember the password you or somebody else used to protect the PDF file you are working on.

When you are done removing the password from your PDF, you can perform manipulation of the file. For example, you are able to split PDF into separate pages or compress your PDF for easier sharing with others.

4. SodaPDF

Another reason to open a password-protected PDF may be needed for files locked or encrypted with outdated protection methods. Often they cannot be unlocked by modern software. A free PDF unlocker would be immensely helpful as it can circumvent these outmoded security protocols and allow you to access the file.

This is how to remove the password from a PDF utilizing the service:

  1. Open the unlock PDF online tool.
  2. Upload the PDF to the website by clicking the "Choose File" button.
  3. For highly protected documents, the system will ask you to enter the unique combination used to encrypt the PDF.
  4. Click "Unlock" and download your decrypted file.

How to decrypt a PDF with SodaPDF

After removing the password from your PDF, you can choose to download the file to your device or email the link to it to yourself.

Now, you can customize your unlocked PDF. For instance, you may need to whiteout certain areas of your PDF before giving access to it to someone else or extract images from the PDF file for further use.

5. iLovePDF

When you find yourself in a situation where you have multiple password-protected PDFs, you may get confused about what combination corresponds to what document.

Taking advantage of a free PDF unlocker for unlocking PDFs that you have secured with a password will help solve this issue. It enables you to wipe passwords from encrypted PDFs so that you can unlock, edit, and print them without needing the password.

Here is an instruction on how to unlock a PDF without a password using this service:

  1. Visit the website and open the tool.
  2. Upload your file with the "Select PDF files" button.
  3. Now, hit "Unlock PDF" to begin the processing.
  4. Once done, you will be hinted to save your file with the "Download unlocked PDFs" option.

How to unlock PDF with iLovePDF

Utilizing this free PDF unlocker is a straightforward and fast method to eliminate a password you have forgotten.

Often, you may need to save certain pages of a PDF's older version to transfer them to the new document. In addition, you may need to crop PDF pages to keep consistency.


Using a PDF password remover is generally a straightforward task. To unlock the PDF file, all you need is a service or an application that offers a tool to remove PDF protection. A free PDF unlocker may be a life-saving instrument for those requiring quick access to their files in case of not remember the passwords. Use it wisely!

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