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How to Extract Text from a PDF file
How to Extract Text from a PDF file

How to Extract Text from a PDF file

by Alexa Davis
Apr 6, 2023

Many people think that extracting text from a PDF file is a fairly straightforward task. However, simple copying can cause some difficulties with names, titles, and other details. In the article, you will learn how to extract text from PDF in the most reliable way. The result will be plain text without formatting.

1. Extract text from PDF online

A necessity to save a PDF as a TXT file may arise unexpectedly. For example, you receive a document that requires extensive editing or have a paper that needs to be reformatted. In this case, a fast and easy solution is to use an online PDF to text converter.

  1. Open the PDF text extractor in your browser.
  2. Upload the PDF you want to extract text from. You can directly upload from the internal memory of your device or from Google Drive and Dropbox.
  3. The PDF to TXT conversion starts automatically.
  4. Download the resulting text file or share by generating a link. It is active for 7 days.

How to extract text from PDF online

Apart from getting plain text from a PDF, with the online PDF extractor you are able to extract images from a PDF.

Pros of using a online service to convert PDF to unformatted text

  • Does not need installation on a computer or any other gadget;
  • High text accuracy;
  • PDF text extractor with user-friendly intuitive interface;
  • Works on all operating systems with a browser and Internet access;
  • Working online saves time by eliminating the necessity to re-download files.

2. Offline solution for extracting text from PDF

If working with PDF file, including extracting text, is your regular task, consider downloading the PDF text extractor to your PC. This will allow you to turn PDF to TXT using just your computer, even when you are offline.

  1. Download and install PDF Candy Desktop for Windows.
  2. Open the program, select "Other Tools" in the left menu and find "Extract Text."
  3. Select the PDF from which to extract the text content and add it to the queue. File preview is available as well as unlocking protected PDFs.
  4. Now specify the page interval or pages that will be extracted from the input document.
  5. Specify the output folder and click the "Extract Text" button. After processing, the TXT will be saved in the specified directory.

How to extract text from PDF offline

The software offers additional handy to work with PDF files. The software will be useful for many other manipulations with the format, like turning PDF to JPG offline.

Pros of saving text from a PDF using software

  • Available on all modern Windows PCs;
  • Does not require advance PC performance;
  • The application can be used without an Internet connection;
  • Other features, such as extracting pictures, and more;
  • Lightweight software for converting PDF to text;
  • Fast data processing.

How to extract text from PDF: conclusion

The article explained how to quickly convert PDF to TXT in several ways but not resorting to complex paid programs. Both methods are effective and free. You decide whether to use an online toolkit to extract text from a PDF or to download a software instead. Examine all the nuances and make your choice of what is more efficient and suitable for you.

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