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How to Convert Multiple Powerpoints into One PDF?
How to Convert Multiple Powerpoints into One PDF?

How to Convert Multiple Powerpoints into One PDF?

by Alexa Davis
Dec 1, 2023

Knowing how to convert multiple PowerPoints into one PDF file can be an essential skill in various fields - from education to corporate environments and even daily tasks at home. This can help protect your document and ensure consistent viewing across various devices.

In this article, we will provide you with 3 PowerPoint mergers and step-by-step instructions to make converting PPT to PDF easier and faster. Whether you're preparing for major board meetings or seeking ways to archive class materials, let's dive in!

Method 1. Convert PPT to PDF online

If don't want to install any desktop applications, you can use an online PPT/PPTX to PDF converter. It can merge your PowerPoints directly in your browser.

Here is a comprehensive guide on merging PowerPoint slides:

  1. Open the online PPT to PDF converter, click "Add file" and upload the desired presentations to the service.
  2. Press "Convert to PDF", wait for the processing to finish, and save the converted files to your device or cloud storage.
  3. Go to the PDF merger and hit "Add file(s)" to import all documents.
  4. Now you can save the merged PDF to your device, upload it to Dropbox and Google Drive, or create a link to share the file with other users.

Convert PPT to PDF online


  • Simplicity and speed. The service has a straightforward interface and fast processing speeds.
  • Powerful set of tools. You can split pages, extract images, add watermark to PDF documents, and protect them right from the download page.
  • Security. The PowerPoint to PDF converter uses strong encryption and security measures for safe file uploading and handling.
  • Free. You can combine PowerPoints free of charge.
  • Accessibility. The PPT merger is web-based and can be used on various devices and platforms.
  • Help center. The dedicated customer support team is ready to help you with any questions or issues.

With PDF Candy, you can effortlessly convert multiple PPT files to PDF format. Give it a try today and experience the convenience of merging PowerPoint slides.

Method 2. Merge PowerPoints on Windows

If you are looking for the best way to convert multiple PowerPoint files to a single PDF on a Windows PC, a program such as PDF Candy Desktop is the perfect option.

Using a desktop program means that you can be sure that your documents are safe. The program is installed on your computer so you do not need to be concerned about privacy and data loss issues.

Here's how to convert multiple PowerPoints into a PDF file:

  1. Download the PPT to PDF converter. Launch it and click "PPT to PDF".
  2. Select all presentations you want to convert.
  3. Check the "Merge all into one PDF file" box.
  4. Change the file and layout settings if needed.
  5. Click "Convert". All your documents will be combined into a single PDF.

Free PPTX to PDF converter


  • Easy-to-use. The tool has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for both average and professional users.
  • Fast conversion speeds. The PDF merger enables users to merge their presentations quickly. This is ideal for users who need to work with large files in a hurry.
  • No limits. The program can merge and convert multiple files of any size.
  • No internet connection needed. The PowerPoint merger can process your files whenever you need even if you have no access to the internet.
  • Powerful set of features. The software comes with a wide range of options for converting and editing PDFs, including rotating, splitting, merging, and more.
  • Affordable pricing. Different plans are available for business users and professionals needing to use the service regularly.

This all-in-one software gives a quick and convenient way to convert multiple PPT documents to one PDF file.

Method 3. Convert multiple PPT files to one PDF in PowerPoint

The last available method we chose is using the Microsoft PowerPoint program. Most people don’t realize that PowerPoint itself offers the ability to quickly and easily save files as PDFs.

Here's how you can convert multiple PowerPoints to PDF:

  1. Open the presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  2. Select "Export" from the "File" dropdown menu.
  3. Choose "PDF" as a file format and hit "Save" to convert PPT to PDF.
  4. Add all converted PDFs to the online PDF merger.
  5. Click "Merge files". Download the merged PDF document.

Convert PPT to PDF


  • Economical. Users can make use of the PowerPoint merger they already own. You can create a presentation and save it as a PDF within the same program.
  • Enhanced visibility options. The advanced settings provide for further enhancement through page layout preferences. Otherwise, it might be difficult to achieve with standard document viewers.


  • Installation. The installation process takes a long time so it might be inconvenient if you need to quickly convert multiple PPT files to PDF.
  • Price. The software is a part of a Microsoft 365 subscription, which is pretty expensive if you don't need other features.

These few simple steps will help you convert any presentation to a PDF document quickly and easily with Microsoft PowerPoint. If this is your choice, there is no need for any external programs or applications!

Final words on how to convert multiple PowerPoints into one PDF

In conclusion, converting multiple PPT files to one PDF doesn't have to be a time-consuming and complicated process. With 3 PowerPoint mergers mentioned in this guide, you can complete the task quickly and accurately.

When choosing a PPT merger, make sure it includes additional tools like password protection when converting if you need them. With the right service, you’ll be able to convert multiple PowerPoints to a PDF successfully, quickly, and easily.

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