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How to Edit PDF on iPhone
How to Edit PDF on iPhone

How to Edit PDF on iPhone

by Alexa Davis
Jul 4, 2023

Sometimes you have to change data in a PDF document as fast as possible. And thousands of users hit a roadblock at this point because PDF files are difficult to modify.

Today you will learn how to edit a PDF on your iPhone with a free online PDF editor. We will show you a simple method of editing existing PDF text as well as adding new text, objects, changing formatting, and more.

How to Edit PDF Files on iPhone Online?

Being able to edit a PDF online presents an expeditious and convenient manner of making changes to a document quickly and easily. It offers an array of advantages that can make editing a PDF on an iPhone even more convenient, like not having to search for and install a third-party free PDF editor.

Below is the instruction on how to modify PDF documents with this method:

  1. Go to the online PDF Editor in any browser.
  2. Upload the document from your iPhone by clicking the "+ Add File" button or from Google Drive or Dropbox.
  3. Now, begin to edit your PDF file. For example, you can change the PDF text, insert and remove images, and more.
  4. After all the necessary changes are done, save the PDF with the "Export" option. Download your resulting PDF file.

How to edit PDF on iPhone online

After exporting, the PDF editor prompts you to save the file or continue editing. At this stage, the user can compress the file, convert it to various other formats, rearrange pages, or set a password to a PDF.

Tools to edit PDF on iPhone

Below is the description of all the PDF editing tools you can use to complete all the types of changes on your PDF. See what you can with just your phone and mobile data!

Text tool

Insert your own text content or edit the existing one. The following options are available: setting the font color and size, as well as boldness and italics. Elect the area where you want to add the text, choose the settings, and edit PDF text by entering the desired content. The web application automatically detects fonts and lets you change the PDF text without losing formatting.

Hand tool

Press this tool of the PDF file editor to scroll the pages of the document in any direction.

Select tool

Use this tool to pick text, graphics, and pictures for further processing to edit a PDF online.


Choose the color and opacity to highlight PDF text for colleagues, readers, or for your own use later.


Pick this PDF editing tool to indicate that the selected text of the PDF needs improvement or contains excessive information.


Underline text in PDF document to draw attention to the text using the colored line below the words you want to stress out.


Use this instrument to surround important areas of ​​the PDF file: a picture, a table, a paragraph, and so on. You set the color, the thickness of the outline and fill, and the transparency of the object. Pick a tool, adjust the parameters, and drag your finger from one corner of the rectangle to the other.


Hide PDF documents' content that is irrelevant or outdated by placing a white overlay to white out on PDF.

Line and Arrow

Use these tools to draw the reader's attention to an important point in the PDF. For example, point out the mandatory terms of the contract, indicate the sequence of actions in the instructions, and so on. Select the function, thickness, and color of the line, and drag it across the PDF editor's screen where the pointer should be.


Draw on your PDF document with simple movements on the smartphone screen.

Add Image

Use this PDF editing instrument when you want to add a graphical object to the page. Load the file from your mobile device. If the picture appears elsewhere, you can resize and move the object around.

Add Signature

Sign the PDF by inserting an electronic signature or creating a new one and pasting it into the PDF file.

Advantages of the free online PDF editor for iOS

  • The PDF editing service works on all iPhone models, such as PRO, PRO Max, Mini, Plus, SE.
  • The platform only requires a stable Internet connection, hence, no memory on the device is occupied.
  • The free PDF editor quickly processes electronic data even on outdated Apple phone models.
  • You can edit a PDF online from anywhere, regardless of time or location.
  • Processed files are stored on the online PDF editor's servers for two hours. Due to this, users can immediately find a PDF file they have recently worked on.

Reasons to Edit a PDF on iPhone Online

Modern Apple smartphones are powerful devices that can do more than just take photos and surf the web. They can also be used for various tasks, including the ability to change the PDF text and do other alternations with the documents.

Using an online PDF editor is a great choice for anyone looking for a quick and convenient method to modify PDF documents on their iPhone. It offers numerous advantages over traditional methods and can save you time and effort in the long run.

Here are some reasons why you should consider editing PDFs online on your iPhone:

  • Ease of Use. PDF editing on an iPhone is doable. You can utilize a convenient free PDF editor to complete all modifications you need without getting a new app. If you choose software over the tool to edit a PDF online, the variety of such applications is huge.
  • Speed. Utilizing your iPhone to edit a PDF online is much faster than other methods. It cuts out the need to download a PDF editor as an application, saving you time and effort.
  • Simplicity. Being able to edit a PDF on an iPhone is simple since all the tools are in one place. You don't have to install any extra software or figure out complicated menus. Everything you need is right at your fingertips.
  • Portability. People carry their phones almost everywhere. This factor facilitates easier sharing of files with colleagues and provides the possibility to use a PDF editor on iPhone while on the go.
  • Convenience. Editing PDFs on an iPhone is practical since you won't need to carry around a laptop or any other big device. You can edit PDFs right from your phone anytime, anywhere.
  • Collaboration. Online PDF editing provides the opportunity to collaborate with others on the same document. Multiple people can work together on one project in a PDF file without having to constantly send the document back and forth.
  • Shareability. It is also easy to share documents after you change the PDF text or alternate something else and submit it for further use. This makes it ideal for remote work. It saves you the hassle of having to transfer PDF documents between your iPhone and another device.

PDF editing on an iPhone is a great way to increase productivity and make life easier. With its ease of use, speed, portability, convenience, collaboration, and simplicity advantages, it is no wonder why so many people prefer editing their PDF files on iPhones!


Can I scan a document and then edit it as a PDF on my iPhone?

Yes, this can be done. All you need to do is to scan the document with your phone or download the scanned materials to your iPhone. Then, use either the JPG to PDF converter or, if the scan is of low quality, the Optical Character Recognition tool to get all the text.

Can I complete forms in a PDF on my cellphone?

While some programs and applications have an explicit feature to fill in forms, with the PDF editor you can simply type on a PDF with the text tool of the platform.

If I only need the PDF document's text now, how can I extract the pictures?

To save the graphics of your PDF file for later use, extract images from a PDF and store the ZIP archive or downloaded one-by-one files in a folder until needed.

After editing the PDF on iPhone, how can I reduce the file size for sharing?

The easiest way to do so is to use the PDF editing website's instrument to compress the PDF entirely. Alternatively, you can make your PDF smaller by removing extra pages or cropping extra white space.


Now you know how to edit PDF files on iPhone using the free PDF editor and its features.

Editing PDFs on iOS or any operating system or device should no longer be a problem for you. So, if your boss unexpectedly asks you to amend a ready-made document, you can edit the PDF online with just your phone!

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